Geekvoodoo Books is a brand spanking new publisher with an innovative concept: We want to select not just books to publish, but authors to publish. Founded by Stephen Stark, an award-winning novelist and best-selling ghostwriter, who also worked in the publishing industry in New York for several years, we understand that selling books is a vastly different proposition now than it was even just a few years ago. Savvy writers understand the direct publishing options that exist. (We prefer the term direct publishing over self-publishing.)

Many have made money through the direct publishing of their work, some lots of it, through direct publishing. The vast majority have not. In the space between authors and direct publishing have now sprung up a new breed of “publishers” who, for a price, will provide something like turnkey packaging—editorial, graphic design, and so forth—but it is still up to the author to market his or her work.

If you are looking to invest in a unique publishing concept, shoot us an email.

Geekvoodoo Books operates on the principle that we and our authors both have skin in the game. Lots of it. And we work together with the author to find creative ways to promote, market, and sell books.

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